For any questions not addressed below, please contact us.


How much do you charge to… ?

To provide you with the best possible service within your budget, all pricing is individualized to your specific needs. Please schedule a FREE consultation to get pricing for your specific project. Starter-package options are available for small businesses looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Do you “farm out” your work overseas or use Fiverr?

Unlike other marketers, every one of our projects is proudly managed by teams here in the USA. Our work is not hired out to untested teams, and every employee of The Wild Initiative has experience with and a passion for the outdoors and agriculture.

Does my quote for services include the cost of [ad-spends, hosting, domain name purchase, email, etc.]?

Unless specifically discussed, you will be responsible for the cost of all external services (ad-spends, hosting, domain purchases, email accounts, etc.) We work to provide you with the most budget-friendly options. All additional costs will be discussed upfront with you prior to locking anything in.

Can you recommend a service provider for… ?

Yes. We have several recommended providers for various services that we have found to be the most cost-effective and user-friendly. In fact, we prefer if you wait to make any provider decisions until we’re able to connect. Let’s face it; we want to make both of our lives easier! Whether you’re looking for podcast-hosting, domain purchasing or any number of services, we’ll gladly point our clients in the optimal direction for their brand.


Do you offer non-digital design services?

Yes! Don’t let the name fool you. Our designers have experience not only in digital but in print, outdoor and various other mediums.

Will my new logo work for other usages (business cards, signage, etc.)?

Yes. Your logo will be designed in a “vector format.” That means it can be reduced and enlarged for everything from business cards to billboards. You will receive the vector “source file” and several additional formats of your logo for easy use in documents and other locations.


Will I be able to maintain my website on my own after it’s built?

For the most part, yes! We believe the only honest way to work is to work ourselves out of a job with every project we deliver. We make every effort to build your website in a clean and organized manner and will provide basic update training. Depending on the complexity of your website, there may be updates that would require a more technical hand. However, those situations will be discussed beforehand.

If you’re looking to just “set it and forget it,” The Wild Initiative team is also available to work on a retainer basis for regular updates and maintenance.

Can you just keep my website updated for me?

Of course! The Wild Initiative team is also available to work on a customized retainer basis for regular updates and maintenance.

Will my website end up first on Google searches?

The answer is a resounding “maybe.” All our sites are built using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Accessibility best practices. However, SEO is an ongoing process that relies on numerous factors such as the amount and quality of page content, number of backlinks, newsworthiness, age of your domain, URL structure, competitive sites, etc. Additionally, for new sites, it can take several weeks before you begin to show in searches.

SEO maintenance and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are both services The Wild Initiative offers as part of maintenance packages. Contact us for more information.

How do I know how many people are visiting my site?

Gone are the days of a graphical visitors counter in your footer. We recommend setting up all sites with Google Analytics and a Facebook Tracking Pixel. This will track all sorts of data, including popular content, visitor demographics, active users, etc. and allow you to run social ads, Google Ads, remarketing efforts, etc. Even if you’re not looking to run marketing immediately, we recommend having us include analytics setup as part of your quote.

Schedule a FREE Consultation to discuss options for your brand.